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Our LED Gun Safe Light Systems

How to mount the door switch?
There are a lot of different mounting solutions for the door switch.  One of the ways is to use the supplied double sided tape and stick the switch on the door frame.  Be sure that the roller contacts with the lip of the safe door, the roller switch should slide in between the actual safe door and the door frame.  Once you found a place that could get the switch working correctly, apply 2-3 drops of super glue to the back of the switch.  Another option to mount the switch is by using the two mounting holes on the door switch.  You can screw it to the edge of one of the shelves, you want to get the roller in contact with the safe door.  If neither of the options work for you, you can always consider upgrade to a motion sensor switch which can be mounted anywhere inside the safe.

Which light system should I go with (standard, large, or premium light system)?
The amount of light needed is base on personal preference.  My suggestion would be based on the width of the safe, and what you kept inside the safe.  If you mostly keep rifle or ammo inside the safe and your safe is about 24" wide, the standard system should provide you with enough light since you would not need too much light toward to the top of the safe.  On the other hand, if you keep mostly handguns, coins, or documents inside the safe, you might want to go with the large safe kit to give you a little more light for those items.  Premium system is for those who want the brightest light and different color variations, but what you get with the brighter light you would loose in energy efficiency.  Battery life on premium system is about half of the standard system.

How many lumen output on standard, large and premium light system?
Standard safe light system output is around 720 lumen
Large safe light system output is around 870 lumen
Premium safe light system output is around 2000 lumen (In white, other colors give less light output)

How do you know the light goes off once you mount the door switch?
When the door switch is engaged, you can hear a click, and should be able to hear it through the safe door if the surrounding is clear.  Also, with the help of most smartphones, you can also set your smartphone inside the safe and using the video recording mode to check if the light shuts off once the safe door is closed.

How long do the batteries last on the light system?
Our light system is built for energy efficiency.  Using 8 AA alkaline batteries, if you use your safe 15 minutes a day everyday, it should last about 6 months.  If you only get into your safe 5-10 minutes a day, 7 days a week, it should last about 2-3 years.  When the batteries start getting low, the light would slowly dim, and when it gets too dim, that would be an indicator for you to change your batteries.

How does the warranty work on the light system?
The light system comes with a 3 years warranty, the warranty covers any manufacture defect.  If you happen to drop our battery holder and it is in pieces or smash one of the LED strip, feel free to e-mail us, we will try our best to fix or replace the item for you.

What kind of AA battery should I use on the light system?
We usually recommend AA alkaline batteries (Duracell, Energizer, or etc), as long as they are alkaline, it should give you a really long run time.  Do not use rechargeable AA batteries. It is because rechargeable AA batteries are only 1.2V per battery instead of 1.5V on alkaline batteries, it would make the light system a lot dimmer.  For maximum run time, Lithium battery can be use, they should last 2 times longer than standard AA alkaline batteries, but they also cost 2-3 times more than alkaline.

Our Gun Safe Organizers

What kind of pistols can fit in the hostler of the organizer?
The pistol organizer fits all full size pistols like various 1911, including long slide, government size, commander size, etc. Also it fits all Glock Beretta, Springfield, and others manufacture semi auto handguns. For revolvers, it fits up to a S&W N frame, like model 629, model 27, etc. Moreover, it fits smaller revolver like a Ruger SP101 or S&W 442. The only handguns it won't fit are the bigger handguns like Desert Eagle, S&W XL frame (500, 460), scoped handguns, or anything larger than a full size revolver/semi auto handgun.

If I have metal surface in the gun safe, do the organizers still work on my safe?
The organizers will still work on your safe, you just have to select the metal version during checkout. The metal version comes with Velcro carpeting with industrial grade adhesive on the back.

Does the Velcro behind the organizer really work? And how many pounds can they hold?
Yes, it does really work. Velcro we used on our organizers are some of the best in the market, they grab on really tight. The amount of weight each organizer can hold is listed for each item, they all had been tested to hold the advertised weight.

How to apply the Velcro to the metal surface?
To mount the Velcro carpeting onto metal surface, first use rubbing alcohol to clean up the metal surface, then let it air dry. Once the metal surface is dry, apply the Velcro carpeting along with the organizer. Please wait 45 minutes before putting weight onto the organizer, it would let the glue settle and the Velcro will hold much stronger.